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RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Archaeological site and information records, (field notes, artifact inventories, press clippings, cultural type, period, location), survey report files, and map files (USGS quadrangle site location and field maps). The Division of Archaeology is the official archive for permanent records (such as reports, correspondence, field notes, field forms, maps, photos, slides, etc.), and our inventory will increase through the years rather than decrease.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
Calendar Year
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Records are generated in paper format. All records are to be maintained in Division permanently for historical research and planning. Records are to be digitized for disaster recovery purposes and easy access for frequent referencing. After scanning, paper records are to be stored in Division, in compliance with guidelines for archival storage. Frequently-referenced, lower-resolution digital scans are to be maintained on a TDEC server. Archival-quality digital scans are to be maintained on external hard drives for emergency backup. Every year, the agency will verify that the archival-quality scans are being maintained properly. Every 5 years, the agency will switch the archival-quality scans to another hard drive as a precautionary measure. A new site form submission and data management project with STS is currently underway, and when completed, submitted site form pdfs will be stored in FileNet.
Record Location
1216 Foster Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210
File Arrangement
Media Format Generated
Date Range
Allotment Code
Annual Accumulation
3 cubic feet, Electronic storage will begin in May 2019.
Current Volume
880 cubic feet, Electronic storage will begin in May 2019.
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Essential Record
Confidential Legal Citation
TCA 11-1-102(c)
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
System Name
Enterprise FileNet
Hardware Description
Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center Edition/ EMC Isilon
Software Description
FileNet P8 5.2
System Location
Data Center South Primary- Data Center North Secondary
Backup Procedures
Data is backed up nightly as well as daily snapshot. Backups are onsite for 30 days and anything older is sent to Iron Mountain.
Disaster Recovery
FileNet data is stored until deleted by user or upon request. All backups are kept for 7 years. Data is replicated between the two datacenters in the event that a failover is needed.
Data Migration Description
Real time replication
Records Management Division (RMD)
No recommended changes.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
No recommended changes.
Comptroller Audit Review
We have reviewed RDA 2164 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency Records Officer
Thank you.
RMD Director
RDA 2164 is a request to revise an RDA. The retention period will remain permanent. The format will be paper/electronic. The Abstract, Disposition, and Worksheet have been updated. Recommend approval of request to revise RDA 2164.
Public Records Commission
PRC approves RDA 2164.