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RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Records on mineral exploration and production; to document geological mapping, research, notes, books, reports, charts, maps, manuscripts and mineral production reports, and exploration.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
If Other, Explain
Completion or discontinuance of the state geological survey.
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
The records are to be maintained in the agency until the completion or discontinuance of the State geological survey, then paper and electronic records will be transferred to UT Records Center for permanent retention.
Allotment Code
Record Location
12th Floor, Wm. R. Snodgrass TN Tower
File Arrangement
Date Range
Annual Accumulation
2 cubic feet, less than a GB
Current Volume
1 cubic foot, 3.5GB
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Shared Agencies
U.S. Geological Survey, Corps. Of Engineers, NRCS.
Essential Record
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
Records Center Retention Period
If program is discontinued records will be transferred to University of Tennessee.
System Name
Hardware Description
ScienceBase currently exists on Federal hardware in the Department of Interior Hosting Center in the Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, CO. This hardware consists of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 35 CentOS-based virtual machines (VMs) and multiple storage units. The number of VMs is dependent on the current ScienceBase application set and expected load. New VMs get added to the technology stack as needed. In FY16 ScienceBase will exist on a hybrid cloud, where a separate persistence layer will exist on Amazon AWS along with a significant portion of the application servers. The Federal portion of the technology stack will focus on support of Federal records.
Software Description
NGGDPP runs as part of the ScienceBase Catalog. ScienceBase provides a suite of data management tools, including a metadata catalog, data repository, and a variety of web services (geospatial, data, and metadata). ScienceBase is custom software developed by the USGS and built on a number of open source applications and libraries. The toolset exists as a number of separate applications tied together through an applications programming interface. The custom programming current employs: oApache HTTPD (clustered) oApache Tomcat (clustered) oMongoDB (replica set) oElasticSearch (cluster) oPostgreSQL/PostGIS (replication mode) oArcGIS (clustered)
System Location
question The location/access to the data for the NGGDPP is The address for the Nat. Geol. Map Database (NGMDB) is
Backup Procedures
Filesystem content on the primary storage unit gets replicated real-time to a \hot\" second storage unit. That storage unit get incremental back-ups up to tape nightly. Databases are backed up nightly and placed on the filesystem for tape backup. The Operations staff does a fullback up the filesystem weekly with that tape sent off-site to a storage facility. The tapes are recycled quarterly. When the Amazon AWS solution is in place filesystem and database backups will exist on Amazon S3 and then synchronized to Federal hardware for eventual tape backup."""
Disaster Recovery
All infrastructure components in the Denver Federal Center are replicated/clustered. In the event of any one component failure, a second replica will pick up the missing functionality. In the event of a Hosting Center failure, the site would have to be implemented in a second hosting center. At this time, NGGDPP has no agreement with any other hosting center for site pickup. When the Amazon AWS solution is implemented in FY16, Amazon and the Federal infrastructure will act as fail-over options for each other. Data will be recovered from tape
Data Migration Description
ScienceBase provides metadata and data harvesting services. These are established by the source repositories. Metadata transmission standards must be previously agreed to by NGGDPP staff
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