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Drinking Water Program Water Systems Disinfection, and Chemical Monitoring Reports

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
CN-0758 Chemical Analysis Report-Inorganics, CN-0777 Chemical Analysis Report-Halo Acetic Acids & Total Trihalomethanes, CN-0778 Chemical Analysis Report-Secondary's, CN-0782 Chemical Analysis Report-Regulated Organic Chemicals, CN-0861 Chemical Analysis Report-Regulated Volatile Organic Chemicals, CN-0862 Chemical Analysis Report-Unregulated Organic Chemicals, CN-0985 Monthly Disinfection Summary for Filtration Systems, CN-0986 Monthly Turbidity Summary for Filtration Systems, CN-0987 Lead & Copper Analysis Report, CN-1048 Chemical Analysis Report-Inorganic Chemicals-Nirtrate & Nitrite, CN-1049 Chemical Analysis Report-Asbestos, CN-1102 Chemical Analysis Report-Gross Alpha, CN-1104 Chemical Analysis Report-Gross Beta, CN-1196 Individual Filter Turbidity Exceedance Report, CN-1197 Disinfection By Products Quarterly Report, CN-1198 Total Organic Carbon & Enhanced Coagulation Report, CN-1200 Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule Filter Performance Test, CN-1201 Disinfection Monitoring Report, Sanitary Surveys, Notice of Violations, Enforcement, Corrective Action Plans, Emergency Operation Plan, Laboratory Certification Program Records, Decisions under the Ground Water Rule (subparts), Decisions under the Lead & Copper Rule
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Cut Off at End of
Calendar Year
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Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Records are received in paper and electronic form. Paper records are scanned, once verified, paper is destroyed. Electronic records are kept until cut off, retained for 12 years, then destroyed by state approved methods.
Allotment Code
Record Location
TN Tower 11th Floor
File Arrangement
Date Range
2008 - CURRENT
Annual Accumulation
16 cu ft, electronic storage will begin in May 2019.
Current Volume
176 cu ft, electronic storage will begin in May 2019.
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Information Shared Outside the State
Shared Agencies
Environmental Protection Agency
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Enterprise FileNet
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Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center Edition/EMC Isilon
Software Description
FileNet P8 5.2
System Location
Data Center South Primary-Data Center North Secondary
Backup Procedures
Data is backed up nightly as well as a daily snapshot. Backups are onsite for 30 days and anything older is sent to Iron Mountain
Disaster Recovery
FileNet data is stored until deleted by user or we delete the stored data per request. All backups are kept for 7 years. Data is replicated between the two datacenters in the event that a failover is needed
Data Migration Description
Real time replication
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