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Charitable Solicitations and Gaming Documents

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Charitable Organization Forms Registration Applications oNew Organizations (SS-6001) - 48-101-504(a) oRenewing Organizations (SS-6007) - 48-101-506(b) Summary of Financial Activities (SS-6002) - 48-101-504(d) Charitable Organization Quarterly Financial Report (SS-6039) - 48-101-504(c) Charitable Organization Exemption Request Form (SS-6042) - 48-101-502(d) Disaster Relief Fundraising Financial Report (SS-6080) - 48-101-522 Disaster Relief Fundraising Quarterly Financial Report (SS-6082) - 48-101-522 Fund Raising Counsel Forms Application for Registration of a Fundraising Counsel (SS-6040) - 48-101-507(c) Professional Solicitor Forms Application for Registration (SS-6003) - 48-101-507(a) Surety Bond Form (SS-6004) - 48-101-507(a)(5) Solicitation Campaign Notice (SS-6020) - 48-101-513(g) Summary of Financial Activities of a Professional Solicitor for a Solicitation (SS-6022) - 48-101-507(d) Catastrophic Illness Trust Forms Notice of Establishment of Catastrophic Illness Trust (SS-6073) - 35-11-102(d) Summary of Financial Activities Catastrophic Illness Trust (SS-6076) - 35-11-102(e) Gaming Forms Application for Events Under $5,000 (SS-6069) - 3-17-104(e) Application for Events Over $5,000 (SS-6059) - 3-17-103(a) oAffidavit Of Organization's 501(C)(3) Status (SS-6060) - 3-17-104(a) oAffidavit In Support Of Filing IRS Form 990 (SS-6061) - 3-17-104(a) oAffidavit In Lieu Of Minutes Of Board Of Directors Approving Annual Event (SS-6062) - 3-17-104(a)(12) oWaiver Of Privacy Rights (SS-6063) - 3-17-104(a)(9) Financial Accounting Report for Events Under $5,000 (SS-6070) - 3-17-106(g) Financial Accounting Report for Events Over $5,000 (SS-6066) - 3-17-106 oNotice of Failure to Return 25% of Gross Proceeds to Charitable Programs (SS-6068) - 3-17-103(a)(6)(B) Affidavit of Distribution of Proceeds from Annual Event (SS-6078) - 3-17-106(b)(3), 3-17-106(c)(2) Affidavit Of Cancellation (SS-6064) - 3-17-106(f) Amendment To Event Application (SS-6065) - 3-17-105(b)(1)
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Fiscal Year
Total Retention Years
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Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Records are generated in paper and electronic format. Paper records are scanned onto the state server, once verified for completeness and accuracy paper will be destroyed. Records will be maintained for 7 years on a server. After retention ends, records will be purged by state approved methods. Paper records prior to scanning will remain in paper format until retention ends and then destroyed by state approved methods.
Record Location
Snodgrass Tower - 8th Floor - Nashville, TN
File Arrangement
Chronologically and Alphabetically
Date Range
Allotment Code
Annual Accumulation
0 cu. ft., 2 GB
Current Volume
70 cu. ft., 5 GB
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Essential Record
Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored
Essential Record Media Type
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
7 years
System Name
Hardware Description
Software Description
Windows Server 2003, Windows Storage Server 2008, Microsoft Virtual Server, VMWare Virtual Server
System Location
TN Tower, 7th Floor Server Room - Replicated to Secretary of State Disaster Recovery Site
Backup Procedures
Incremental backups of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual backup tapes. Backup tapes are sent to Iron Mountain and rotated/recycled according to agency policy and procedures.
Disaster Recovery
In the event of a Primary Server failure resulting in loss of data, the files would be accessed on the Disaster Recovery servers. If this is not an option due to the scope of the disaster, data would be retrieved from backup tapes previously sent to Iron Mountain.
Data Migration Description
The Information Services Division maintains and migrates data according to system updates, upgrades and replacements. Full procedures are available with the Information Services Division.
Records Management Division (RMD)
No recommended changes
Tennessee State Library and Archives
No recommended changes.
Comptroller Audit Review
We have reviewed RDA 2994 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency Records Officer
Thank you.
RMD Director
RDA 2994 is a request to revise an RDA. The retention period will remain seven years and destroy. The format will change to paper/electronic. The Abstract, Disposition Notes, and Worksheet have been updated. Recommend approval of request to revise RDA 2994.
Public Records Commission
PRC approves RDA 2994.