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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Preschool Budgets (IDEA)

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Records include, but are not limited to Local Educational Agencies (LEA) fiscal budgets state approved for the purpose of supplementing the costs of their education through materials and direct services. These are original signed documents showing either an original application or revision to the special education federal budgets for LEAs for fiscal year also known as school year. Accompanying papers are required set-aside amounts, placement contracts, and/or monitoring documentation that is pertinent to the fiscal nature of these budgets dealing with the allocations from the federal government flowthrough to the local educational agencies (school districts). These documents are in paper format as was the practice at the time with the importance of mail between State and LEA for original documents and copies to be sent back and forth. Placement contracts still being produced and Local Education Agencies still contract with places to provide services using federal IDEA dollars.
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Disposition Notes
These records for (IDEA) Preschool budgets that (LEAs) would submit to the state for approval. They used an excel workbook to generate the reports and then mail it to our office for review and approval. These budgets display how their (IDEA) flow through funds spent for children ages 3 through 5. Completion reports and Proportionate share calculations used their (LEA) child count and allocation to have set aside and to track expenditures for budgets pertinent to the fiscal year. Placement contracts still being produced and (LEA) still contract with places to provide services using federal IDEA dollars. There are items still received in paper format like parentally placed student evaluations and placement contracts for fiscal years. Most items are in ePlan now like the excel budget pages and signed signatures as that has become more electronic based and stored. Paper records will be stored in agency for 4 years, then at the state approved records center Richards and Richards for two years. This will be a total of six years. Electronic records will be kept 6 years in agency. After the total retention of six years, these records can be destroyed by state approved methods.
Record Location
Records are located at Andrew Johnson Tower, 710 James Robertson Parkway, 9th floor, Nashville, TN 37243
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Alphabetic by Local Education Agency names.
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5 cubic feet / 4GB
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5 cubic feet / 4GB
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Office of Management and Budget, Washington D.C.
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Yes - Original
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Records are located at Andrew Johnson Tower, 710 James Robertson Parkway, 9th floor, Nashville, TN 37243
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4 years
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2 years
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