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Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) at Smyrna and Community Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers (TRC) Student Health Information and Medical Records.

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This record series consist of a HIPAA Authorization Form, TRC Student Health Questionnaire, TRC Student Health Medication Sheet, TRC Admissions Medication Sheet, Student Health Medication and Treatment Consent Form, TRC Student Health Referrals, TRC Initial Safety Contact & Plan, Intake Checklist, Student Health Medical Dormitory Inventory of Student's Personal Effects, Med Dorm Student Info Sheet, Student Health Medical File Charts, Student Intake-History and Physical, Physical Exam, TRC Physical Function Assessment, Student Health Doctor's Orders/Progress Notes and Nurse's Notes, Medical Consultant Sheet, TRC Student Health TB Skin Test Record, Self Harm or Threatening Behavior Student Check List, and other related information. The facilities provide Vocational Evaluations, Vocational training, Physical Rehabilitation Services, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program, Vision Impairment Services (VIS), Work adjustment training, a School to Work Program, Job Placement/Coaching Services, Transitional Living Skills and at our residential facility, TRC Smyrna, an onsite student health dorm.
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Cut off happens when student participation in a TRC program or service has ended.
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Upon student admission into a Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) program a complete medical health history is gathered, in order to best serve and evaluate the students physical limitations and any health risks or hazards. The maintenance and monitoring of TRC student health and medical issues is crucial in providing an optimal learning, living and training environment. The accumulated health history and medical information is a critical tool for staff in developing an individualized learning and training plan, focused on ability rather than disability. The mission of Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers is To provide all program participants individualized, quality, timely services that will lead to gainful employment and an improved quality of life.
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Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) at Smyrna & 17 Community Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers (TRC) located across the state.
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128 cubic feet
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Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), U.S. Department of Education
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45 CFR 164.530 / 34 CFR 361.38 / TCA 46-11-604 / TCA 49-11-613
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