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Families First/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU)

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This record series consist of a Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) Referral Packet including but not limited to, Customer Identification Data, Medical Information, Medical Treatment, Physicians Notes, Vocational Information, Chest Pain Questionnaire, Seizure Questionnaire, medical records, signed HIPAA Form, MEU Decision Form, Summary Sheet, Medical Evaluation Checklist, MEU Decision of Disabled Adult/Child in Home Form, Physician's Statement of Critical Need in the Home Form, Disposition Letter
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Disposition Notes
The entire MEU packet is retained for six years. Copies are made to send out packets to clients. Families First/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) is a TDHS Family Assistance Program. As a requirement of eligibility for the Families First/TANF program, customers must complete a Personal Responsibility Plan (PRP) requiring a 30 hour work week. If the customer is unable to commit to the work requirement, then a referral is made to the Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU). The worker will put together the customer's file or packet and mail it to the Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU), seeking an exemption from the work requirement. Once the Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) receives the packet, additional medical records are requested and other supporting documentation is gathered. This information is used to perform a qualified evaluation of the customer's ability to meet the work requirement. When a decision is reached a Disposition Letter is prepared and mailed to the customer. The Approved Medical Exemption Unit (MEU) packets are mailed back to the corresponding county office along with all the collected information. The Denied Medical Exemption Unit (MEU) packets are transported by staff up to TDHS/Appeals & Hearings. Appeals & Hearings will hold the packets for 90 days to allow the customer an opportunity to file an Appeal. If at 90 days no appeal is filed, the Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) packet is then mailed back to the originating county office. Before the packets are mailed or transported to Appeals & Hearings, copies are made of the Disposition Letter, MEU Decision Form, Summary Sheet, HIPAA Form, MEU Checklist and if applicable, the Physician's Statement of Critical Need in the Home and the MEU Decision of Disabled ADULT/CHILD in Home Form, maintained for 90 days by the Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) and then destroyed.
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Records are located in TDHS State Office and all 95 Family Assistance county offices.
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197 cubic feet
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3079 cubic feet
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U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
Essential Record
Yes - Original
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The Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) packets are stored in original paper format, at Family Assistance county offices across the State. If for any reason a subsequent medical evaluation is required, then the original Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU) packet together with the new request information is mailed back to Medical Evaluation Unit (MEU). Staff are then able to review both the current and existing documentation, in the process of determining if a new exemption is warranted.
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45 CFR 164.530/45 CFR 92.42 7 CFR 272.1/DHS Rules Chapter 1240-01-13
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6 years 0 months
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No recommended changes.
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We have reviewed RDA 11173 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
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RDA 11173 is a request to create a new RDA. The retention period will six years and destroy. The format will be paper. Recommend approval of request to create RDA 11173.
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PRC approves RDA 11173