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ECD Private Activity Bond Allocation & Annual Reports

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Tenn. Code Ann. 9-20-103 gives ECD the authority to allocate the State of Tennessee's private activity bond authority among governmental units that have the authority to issue bonds. ECD is required by Tenn. Code Ann. 9-20-104 to develop an annual allocation plan for this bond authority, and is required by Tenn. Code Ann. 9-20-105 to prepare an annual report on private activity bond allocations and deliver such report to the Tennessee General Assembly. These files include annual allocation plans and annual reports. These files may also include backup documentation and recordkeeping related to the annual reports and allocation plans.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
Fiscal Year
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
ECD's private activity bonds records should be retained permanently. Because the IRS has the ability to audit both a current bond issue and any underlying bond issues, records regarding authority to issue private activity bonds should be kept permanently in order to provide assurance that all such bonds issued under the State of Tennessee's bond authority were properly issued. Permanent retention of these records will ensure that the State of Tennessee is able to provide ongoing justification for all private activity bonds issued under the State of Tennessee's authority in case of an audit or other legal challenge to the State's private activity bond authority.
Record Location
Microsoft file server located at the State of TN Data Center
File Arrangement
By year
Media Format Generated
Media Format Stored
Date Range
January, 1985 to current
Allotment Code
Annual Accumulation
2 mb. per year
Current Volume
2 mb
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Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Shared Agencies
Essential Record
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
System Name
Microsoft Office/SharePoint Data Files
Hardware Description
Microsoft Windows File Server with OIR/STS
Software Description
2013 Enterprise SharePoint, PDF documents
System Location
Microsoft File Server located at the State of TN Data Center
Backup Procedures
Nightly incremental back up, weekly full back up on Friday night, monthly backup on last Friday of the month. Magnetic tape and the tapes are stored off-site at Iron Mountain backup storage facility.
Disaster Recovery
If data becomes lost or corrupted, a RFS will be submitted to OIR/STS requesting a data restoration from the backup tapes containing the lost or corrupted data to it's original location on the file server.
Data Migration Description
All Microsoft Office and SQL database products allow for data files to be automatically upgraded to new version of software by opening and choosing to convert files on the first open with the new software versions.
Records Management Division (RMD)
RMD recommends change to cut off date to after bond period has been completed and closed out, please explain the file types under software description; several of these are not recommended for permanent retention-jpeg is a lossy file type, photos are not an adequate description, please provide appropriate metadata description, please explain data migration process for appropriate long term retention file types. Update 4/12/2016: Records Management met with agency to discuss this RDA. We have clarified that these records are reports of bonds issued by the federal government and they are not actual bonds. RMD has updated the RDA to reflect this and update the Electronic Records Plan Inventory.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
TSLA concurs in RMD comments.
Comptroller Audit Review
Audit concurs with RMD comments.
Agency Records Officer
Agency agrees with Records Management comments.
RMD Director
RDA 11162 is a request for a new RDA. The records series will be retained permanently and the format will be electronic, stored on the State\\\'s SharePoint ECM system. Recommend approval of request to create RDA 11162.
Public Records Commission
PRC approves RDA 11162