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Governor\'s Grants Database

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Accumulating info about grants awarded by ECD. Info includes dates, location, amount, use, source, and employment information.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
If Other, Explain
When all funding to grant recipient has ended, and then maintain in the database 10 years and purge from database.
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Stored on the Microsoft server shared drive and will be maintained there for 10 years and then the records will be purged.
Record Location
Physical system location Microsoft file server located in the State of TN Data Center.
File Arrangement
Media Format Generated
Date Range
Allotment Code
Annual Accumulation
.05 MB
Current Volume
5 MB
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Essential Record
Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored
Microsoft File Server located in the State of TN Data Center
Essential Record Media Type
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
10 years
Records Center Retention Period
System Name
Microsoft Server Shared Drive
Hardware Description
Microsoft File Server running in WMWare virtual server environment
Software Description
Microsoft Access
System Location
Microsoft File server located in the state of TN Data Center
Backup Procedures
Nightly incremental back up(Sunday through Thursday)-weekly full back up on Friday night, monthly full back up on the last Friday of the month. Magnetic tape are stored off-site at Iron Mountain back up storage facility.
Disaster Recovery
If the data becomes lost or corrupted, a RFS will be submitted to OIR requesting a data restoration from back up tapes containing lost or corrupted data to its original location on the file server.
Data Migration Description
All Microsoft Office and SQL database products allow for data files to be automatically upgraded to new version of software by opening and choosing to convert files on the first open with the new software versions.
Records Management Division (RMD)
No recommended changes.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Recommend making Record Series Title more specific as to type of record (e.g. Governor's Grants Database) rather than specifying software name - it could be confused with the Governor's Correspondence database, which is converted to MSAccess before delivery to TSLA.
Comptroller Audit Review
We have reviewed RDA 11028 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency Records Officer
Agency is in agreement to change the records series title of RDA #11028 to Governor's Grants Database.
RMD Director
RDA 11028 is a request for a new RDA. The record series is an electronic database which will be stored for ten years on the agency's servers. The agency agrees with TSLA's recommendation to change the Title to Governor's Grants Database. Recommend approval of RDA 11028 with the following change: Records Series Title: Governor's Grants Database
Public Records Commission
Approved with the name change per staff recommendations.