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Capital Project Files and Financial Status Reports/Financial Records

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
Fiscal project file includes the entire financial record of all expenditures and contractual documents for a state building commission project(including the project status reports(formerly known as the 837 Reports). Includes any associated correspondence.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
If Other, Explain
Fiscal Year after the last bond is sold on the project. If for any reason the bond project is reopened the thirty year period starts over.
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
The files are to be cut off after the last bond is sold on the project. Maintain in agency 2 years, then transfer to state records center, and hold 28 years, then destroy. If for any reason the bond project is reopened the thirty year period starts over. Destroy by state approved methods after retention period ends.
Record Location
20th Floor TN Tower File Room
File Arrangement
Media Format Generated
Date Range
2000 to current
Allotment Code
Annual Accumulation
15CF / 2GB
Current Volume
80 CF / 7GB
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Essential Record
Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored
Richards and Richards and F&A/OBF File Rm.
Essential Record Media Type
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
2 years
Records Center Retention Period
System Name
ECM - Edison Object Store
Hardware Description
Images are stored on two (replicated) Hitachi storage devices, while index values are stored in the shared SQL Server 2008 database environment(also replicated). Each database record has a pointer to the image file in describes.
Software Description
IBM Filenet software for the images, Microsoft SQL Server for the index values.
System Location
Replicated across Data Center North and Data Center South.
Backup Procedures
Daily tape backups
Disaster Recovery
OIR Silver Disaster Recovery Plan
Data Migration Description
The register (which had been generated by the legacy system and then printed) is now an input form in Edison. Data entered into the form is stored in an Edison database. Vouchers and other supporting documents are scanned into ECM via an Edison interface.
Records Management Division (RMD)
Please clarify title, abstract, cut off, and disposition notes. Please provide sample. 6/1/2015 Spoke with agency and updated the title, abstract, cut off, and disposition notes as per agency instructions. Agency does not have a bond sample to provide due to concerns over financial information posted on site.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
TSLA concurs in RMD comments. 6/3/2015 - TSLA approves the new title, abstract, cut off, and disposition as revised.
Comptroller Audit Review
Audit concurs with RMD comments. 06/05/2015: We have reviewed RDA 000052_010 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency Records Officer
Agency concurs with Records Management
RMD Director
RDA 000052_010 is a request to revise an RDA. The retention period will remain thirty years. The Title, abstract and disposition have been updated to reflect the inclusion of the 837 Reports from RDA 000052_009, which is being retired. Recommend approval of RDA 000052_010.
Public Records Commission
PRC approves RDA 000052_010.