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RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
The records series consists of Unemployment Insurance (UI) records for individual paid and denied UI benefit claims filed in accordance with T.C.A., Title 50 Chapter 7. The records include claimant personal identification information,work authorization status, citizenship status, employment and wage records, monetary and separation eligibility determinations, lower and higher authority appeals history, benefit payment history, correspondence history, records relating to employee new hires to prevent overpayments, claimant overpayment history and employer benefit charge history.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
If Other, Explain
Benefit Year Ending Date of Claim - A benefit year is the fifty-two (52) consecutive week period beginning with the first day of the first week with respect to which an individual files a valid claim for UI benefits.
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Record series is generated in paper and electronically. Once verified on the UI mainframe, the paper is destroyed in accordance with state requirements for the destruction of confidential information. Records are maintained on the UI Bull Mainframe in an OIR approved off-site data center in Phoenix, AZ for the duration of the retention period. Once the retention period has ended, records for which there is no ongoing litigation and no outstanding overpayment balance are purged from the system.
Allotment Code
Record Location
Data Center - Phoenix, AZ
File Arrangement
Date Range
2007 - Present
Annual Accumulation
Virtual Tape 1,250 volumes
Current Volume
Virtual Tape 10,000 volumes
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Shared Agencies
United States Department of Labor
Essential Record
Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored
Off-site storage - OIR approved secure Data Center, Phoenix, AZ
Essential Record Media Type
Confidential Legal Citation
TCA 50-7-701
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
5 years
System Name
ATOS/Bull Helios4 mainframe
IT-ABC Number
cg - remote - 08
Hardware Description
Helios-4 mainframe
Software Description
GCOS8 OS / IDS/ii hierarchical DB
System Location
Phoenix, AZ
Backup Procedures
Archived off-line when needed then stored on container tapes at Iron Mountain
Disaster Recovery
Mainframe databases are backed up daily and tested annually in December. System was re-certified December 2015. Complete disaster recovery plan is on file with the agency's it security director.
Data Migration Description
Records originating from the online reporting system and third party upload system are transferred to UI mainframe. Paper documents are scanned into the IBML scanner and SoftTrac server and transferred to the UI mainframe.
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