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Job Services/Wagner-Peyser Program Records

RDA Number
Effective Date
Record Series Abstract
The record series includes any program files and forms that are consistent with the Wagner-Peyser Act as amended by Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act (WIOA) Law. This includes but is not limited to Alien Labor Certification (H2A, H2B, and PERM), Child Support Noncustodial Parent Employment Demonstration Evaluation (CSPED), Federal Bonding, Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker (MSFW), Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA/RESA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) (formerly Food Stamps), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), and Jobs for Veterans Act (VETS). Also includes participant and employers files in the American Job Centers (formerly Tennessee Career Centers) such as program forms/files, reports, policies/procedures, monitoring tools, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU's), manuals, plans, etc. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) applications and files are also included in this series. Notice of Labor Dispute Form is also included in this series.
Record Series Active
Cut Off at End of
If Other, Explain
Record is cut-off upon the completion of service rendered.
Total Retention Years
Total Retention Months
Retention End Action
Disposition Notes
Files are to be retained in agency five years. After three years the documents are to be transferred to jobs4TN or on the File Share program's network drive and stored by year. Records converted from paper to electronic will be verified for completeness and accuracy before destruction of the paper copy. Electronic record will be kept for remainder of five year retention period.
Allotment Code
Record Location
Various State Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Offices(TN American Job Centers across the state) and Central Office - 220 French Landing Drive 4B, Nashville, TN 37243
File Arrangement
All: Alpha, numeric, and other methods
Date Range
Annual Accumulation
500cu/10 GB
Current Volume
2000cu/607.733 GB
Record Value
Audit Requirements
Information Shared Outside the State
Shared Agencies
Federal Project Officers with the United States Department of Labor and United States Department of Agriculture
Essential Record
Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored
Record is stored on database with some accompanying program documentation located in the file rooms of the American Job Centers across the state.
Essential Record Media Type
Does this Record Series Contain Sensitive Information?
Agency Retention
5 years
System Name
WOTC/ag03sdcwf505 File Share
Hardware Description
WOTC: HP DL-360 (2-node Cluster; each server has 4 quad-core CPUs and 128G RAM) ag03sdcwf505 File Share: Virtual Server in OIR data center
Software Description
Oracle 11g (; Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.
System Location
OIR Data Center South (DC South)
Backup Procedures
Oracle RMAN backup job (weekly full backup, daily incremental backup; and archive logs periodically during the day)
Disaster Recovery
Oracle RMAN Restore/Recovery
Data Migration Description
Legacy Revision UUID